Tutorial For Tibia Sorcerer

Published: 30th October 2009
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This tibia sorcerer tutorial goes mostly for premium Tibia players,hope it can give you some help.

Level 1- 8 Magic level reccomended:0

You start off at temple, head north of the Tanner's shop to do the Doublet quest quickly kill the rat there and return to the main plaza, get down the sewer and continue underground to find the rapier inside the rats' cave

After this, you should head off to the premmium lands, Killing spiders will get you to level 4 in less than 10 minutes. If you have no main or no equipment on the server, I suggest you go to the premmium rats, located on the premmium side "general" store and buy a shield. The next step is to hunt wolves, snakes, and the mountain troll until you reach level 8. (Of course this is a quick, yet unprofitable way of getting out of rook)

EXTRA: Getting more money on Rookgard

Planning to leave rookgard with enough gold to survive on Main but you do not know how to do it? Well, it is easy, If you are around level 6 or more, you could kill the skeletons in the premmium land, selling the maces, hatchets, shield they drop to the NPCs or any other player. Depositing the gold in the bank is a good idea to save you from unexpected deaths.

Levels 8-15 (Equipment: Newbie set, Wand , 25 Def + Shield) Magic levels recommended: 0-18

This levels have a lot of ways of being accomplished, my personal way is easy. When the oracle/gatekeeper asks you which city you would like to live in, Choose Darashia... When you arrive at main, quickly post offers in the trade chat for a newbie set (Scale Armor, Brass Legs, Dark or Steel Helmet, Dwarven shield) This would do fair and square throughout the first levels. If you are short on cash, or you already have the equipment necessary go to the Mage's guild and get the free wand of vortex. After this head north of Darashia's city up to the Dark Pyramid in which Minotaurs live. You can have the first, second and third floor here, Only minotaurs, creating lootbags for money and fishing for health. (Do not go down because then you will encounter Minotaur Guards who will probably just give you a free-ticket to the temple). Dark pyramid will get fairly easy when you get level 9, Buy the "Light healing spell" and continue hunting here, or the first underground level of the Rotworm caves in darashia, Which give excellent Xp/Gp ratio for a low level. Remember to use full defense and always look for upgrades in your Armor/Weapon

Levels 15-25 (Equipment: Plate set, Wand / 2handed weapon, 26+ Shield) Magic level recommended:18-25

This levels are taken easily too, By the time you get level 15, You would have enough cash to get a Plate set, Crown helmet, and a fairly decent shield. Take your favorite wand off to Ankrahmun's larvas and start hunting there. Full defense, looting Gps and eating the meat they give shall get you to 25 in no-time. The damage taken is "medium-low" Just try not to get swarmed and cornered by the larvas and you'll do fine.

Levels 25-28(Equipment: Plate set, Wand / 2handed weapon, 27 def + Shield) Magic level recommended: 25-30

Getting this levels should be easy, you may continue on larvas making some HMM's while hunting, Or go to the GS tomb with a two-handed weapon for more experience.

Levels 28-40 (Equipment: Plate set, Wand / 2handed weapon, 27 def + Shield) Magic levels recommended:30-40

To get this levels may seem a little boring and tedious but well, it is a part of the game.

There are many ways to achieve experience and gold at the same time, I'll post some.

Summoning 2 demon skeletons at the Edron Dragon Lair spot is nice, With some Bp's of IH you could have bought by selling the HMM's you made while on larvas or GS tomb, may keep you there until level 30 or even more. Loot is "average-low" and experience is "fair"

Second way is to keep hunting larvas or hunting at the GS tomb, this will take more time but less waste in money

Experience is "fair" and money is "average-good"

Third way is a little more dangerous since the mages do not have a lot of HP this may seem like suicide for many, but some experienced players can do this if they can afford it. Exori vising plus wand on cyclopolis will get you "good" experience and "nice" money, this may be dangerous because of lured monsters, however if you want to do it the safe way, you may summon 2 monks and get half the experience and some tedious monk-pushing session

Don't forget to make lootbags of the weapons and stuff dropped by many monsters in cyclopolis. They are sure worth something and they will repay the mana fluids used

Level 40-65 (Equipment: Crown helmet, Blue robe, Plate legs, BoH, Wand / 2handed, 31+ Def shield)Magic level recommended:40-52

If you have a blocker, this should be easy, Go hunting hydras, with a lot of manafluids and you're preferred wand, the knight should block the middle single-spawn while you summon 2 demon skeletons and exori vis the hydra while hitting on the wand. This is "high" experience and "very nice" money for the blocker who in a given case will share the loot with you.

If you do not have a blocker or prefer to hunt alone, this will take you more time but it may give you the same profit.

Get manafluids, a lot of them, and go hunting Dwarf guards with Wand + Vis at the Kazordoon Mace or Mines, Make lootbags and Keep an UH backpack just in case. (Some GFBS would come in handy if trapped)

Another way but even more dangerous (Reccomended level 50+ ) Is to hunt at tarpits with the same strategy than Dwarf Guards with the most powerfull wand and mana fluids to vis vampires, bonebeasts, cryptshamblers, mummies, demon skeletons. "Excellent" experience but "fair" money. It would be suggested to have around magic level 50 before doing this, since at level 50 magic 50+ the vis would do an average of 112 hitpoints per hit and you could easily hunt at tar pits with a BP of UH and GFB for emergencies and around 13 bps of manafluids per level. *Note* this is an estimate and it depends on mostly your skills with vising and hunting manually, by the way, bring a lot of food since none of the monsters on the 3rd floor drops eating items

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