Top 5 Runes With Tibia

Published: 02nd October 2009
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There are dozens of runes in the Tibia game,but today I would like to recommend you the top 5 useful tibia's runes in the game,hope you can like it .

Magic Stones of Power

In the online world of Tibia there are an assortment of magical items known as runes you can make and or purchase. Some of these runes can be very helpful while others are just a waste of money. This guide will show you which runes are essential for survival in the game and how each are used. Note that only the most useful runes are listed here.

Ultimate Healing Rune - This rune is blue in color and is made by only Druid characters. You can purchase these runes for about 175 gold form a magician NPC like Xodent in Thais, or you can normally trade other players for backpacks of these runes for around 3000 gold. In the long run it is easier to buy them from other players because it will save you about 25 gold per rune.

These runes will heal almost any character back to full health, it just depends on the characters magic level. A Druid will always heal directly back to full while using this rune, while a Knight will heal about three quarters of the way to full health. Ultimate Healing Runes are probably the most used and common runes in the game because they are so useful and have saved a countless number of lives. They require magic level 4 to use so be sure to reach that point as soon as possible. A Druid is a Knights best friend when it comes to having a good buyer/seller relationship.

Heavy Magic Missile - These slender Purple Runes are great for Druids and Sorcerers that don't want to waste any mana. You can buy them fairly cheap, about 1,500 gold for 20 runes and each has five charges. This means that you get one hundred shots per backpack and it's really worth it. You can train your magic level up by using spells to make runes while hunting with these Heavy Magic Missiles gaining you experience and raising your level.

The power of these runes depends on the users magic level. This means that you can easily do a lot of damage with these basic runes with a high magic level. Knights are not advised to use these because their magic levels normally don't get past 5 or 6 if they are lucky. Paladins may benefit greatly from the use of these runes as will Sorcerers and Druids.

Sudden Death - Just like the name implies it can bring sudden death to any opponent. These grey runes depict a skull and cross bones indicating how deadly they truly are. Sudden Death runes are the most lethal rune ever created on Tibia and are usually only used to kill larger creatures and other players. On average their damage can range between 200 and 500 per hit depending on the casters magic level.

The damage inflicted by Sudden Death Runes is physical in nature rather then magical which means that every single creature in the game can be hurt by their massive attacks. Knights don't use these runes because they require level 15 magic in order to cast, and no Knight has ever reached that level of magic skill before. Paladins have a hard time using them, but very skilled ones have been known to carry a few with them for some extra punch. Sorcerers and Druids both are the ones who benefit the most from these runes, because their normal attacks are far weaker then that of a Knight or Paladin. So to compensate they have high magic levels which in turn means extreme damage resulting from the Sudden Death Runes.

Destroy Field - This rune is very overlooked but is extremely useful. It can dispel any field spell that a player, creature or the game in general created. This rune has been known to save many players lives when they were running from battle, being chased by a player killer (PK) or Dragon, Demon or some other horrible creature. Many times you will run into a field of fire or poison that will damage you when you cross it. Well when running low on health and mana, and you cannot afford to take any more damage these runes can clear the way for your escape.

Every vocation will get a lot of use from this rune if used right. The magic level requirement to use it is low and so is the cost. You can purchase these runes cheap form other players or from magician NPC's but only Knights should really have to buy them. Paladins, Sorcerers and Druids can all make these runes, however you may just want to go and buy two or three instead of wasting the mana.

Explosion - This is the most powerful field spell any vocation can purchase. Explosion can deal massive damage to a wide are killing multiple monsters at once. The only problem is that they can be expensive to purchase and take a little bit of practice in getting used to the way they attack. You can't just select a target, you actually have to cast the run one square meter to the left or right of whatever it is you're attacking. This can be very hard to do while running from an enemy or while surrounded by monsters.

This rune only requires level 6 in order to use so almost any vocation can have these accessible to them. Knights have to work very hard in order to raise their magic level this high, but in all honesty don't really need to use this rune. All Druid and Sorcerer characters would be advised to carry a few on them at all times in case they run low on mana and get surrounded by enemies, while Paladins really have the option here on wither or not to use them.

Antidote Rune - This rune will cure the poison status from your character. This rune will eventually lose it's usefulness but in the early stages of the game you will have no better friend. It requires magic level 0 so any vocation at any time can use it, and everyone should keep a couple on them at all times. They are very inexpensive and should be purchased from an NPC that sells magical items.

Knights will get the most use of this because of their low mana stats. It takes 30 mana to heal poison and Knights will only be able to perform this action once until they reach higher levels. However with the Antidote Rune Knights will stand more of a fighting chance until their mana stats increase. Also every other vocation will need these to survive until they reach level 10 which is when you learn the poison healing spell, so these runes will keep you safe until then.

Thanks for your reading,hope it can help you to know mcuh more about the tibia game and can make much more tibia money and tibia items for your character!

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