Tibia Training For Knights Guide

Published: 20th November 2009
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To gain shielding advances, you must receive hits from monsters/players, and you must block them (shown as smoke). Only the smokes count towards your shielding. Therefore, try to get as many as smoke but neither sparks nor blood hits from your opponents. In early days of Tibia, a player could just make two monsters to attack him without him attacking the monsters, and leave the character AFK for extended periods of times to gain massive shield skill advances. To prevent this CIP has introduced a blood hit feature: you must hit blood either on an opponent or on your self, after every 30 seconds in order to advance. Otherwise, the hits you make or receive wouldn't count towards your shielding. service.You can come and have a look!Thank you!

To receive shielding advances, you must wear a shield. Two handed weapon wouldn't help you to raise your shielding skill. You can block up to two opponents at a time. Therefore, you can make up to two opponents to hit you at the same time to gain faster shielding advances. However, since you cannot block more than two opponents using any method, hits from any extra opponents will not count towards your shielding skill.

When training in a non-PvP world you must use regular monsters as your opponents. You can neither use players nor summoned or convinced monsters. Wear your best shield, so you can block more hits from monsters. Wear your best armor, so you will not loose much hit points during the training. Remember, you must hit blood every 30 seconds to advance. Therefore, choose a weapon and an attack mode such that you will hit blood (a little bit, so to keep your opponents alive for a long time) every 15-20 seconds. If you hit less, then switch to a powerful weapon or to a higher attack mode. If you draw more blood frequently then switch to a lower weapon or a lower attack mode.

Since it is difficult for a non-PvP player to find a fishing spot and monsters in the same location, carry a lot of food and constantly eat (even when you have full health) and cast spells to increase your magic level while training.

Hope this guide can help you know much more about the tibia training when you are playing tibia game!
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