Tibia strategy for Knight level 1-40 in a wk

Published: 28th October 2009
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As a knight to start by leveling from 1-8 in rookgard, since you are premmium, this will take about 3-4 hours to get to level 8. So now once you are in mainland, go to the Edron Trolls with a plate set and a weak weapon of your class with which you will hurt the Trolls but will take a bit of time to get hgim killed. Get at least 2 trolls to be hitting you when you are hitting the Troll. Train there to skills 40/40, because by those skills you'll be killing them too fast.

Go to the Rotworm caves in edron and do the same process with the rotworms untill you have skills 50/50. Once you get those skills you'll be moreless level 12. Go to with a best weapong you can get (I used serpent sword untill about level 25, then upgraded to firesword)Larvas in Ankrahmun and go hunt there for a night untill you are level 20.

Note: You've use 1 day and a half by now.

Once you are level 20, I'd suggest you stay in Larvas untill about level 30.

Note: It'll take about 2-3 more days for this.

Once you are level 30 buy promotion with the money from larvas, and some equipment with it. then, get some mana's from the store and head to the Ankrahmun Ghouls by the tar pits. You can level there from level 30-40. I know it sounds boring, but trust me you will get lots of cash if u hunt there and do loot bags. By the time you are level 40, you will have about 140k in cash if you really sold the loot bags.

Thanks for your reading,hope these strategy can give you some help to know much more about the tibia game and get high level on Knight!

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