Tibia Sorcerers and Druids Guide

Published: 16th November 2009
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Sorcerers, the Arcane Masters of Offensive spells

In battle, sorcerers should be placed in the back (like paladins), but they can also attack well at the front with their instant attack spells. With their weak defense and possibility to damage opponents from afar, it is the best if the sorcerer stays out from the enemy's reach. Beams, waves and area runes allow them to cause damage upon several opponents at once from afar. However, using beams and waves is very magic consuming and thus not recommended to either low nor average level mages. The fighting section for mages teaches the basics of fighting, using magic and creation of runes, and tries to encourage you to try and find different strategies to defeat your opponents.

Druids, the Healing Herbalists

My personal opinion is that druids are no fighters. This does NOT mean that I'd think druids were useless fighters, but that their skills are suited for something other than harming opponents; namely protecting allies and themselves. When fighting alone, druids have about the same attack methods as sorcerers. The only exceptions are the lack of instant wave attacks and the fact that you need to buy your SD runes instead of making them by yourself.

The Difference in Magic

As mentioned several times before, sorcerers are at their best with offensive spells. Actually, for non-PA sorcerers, this means that their only specialties, when compared to druids, is that they can get the Instant Beam/Wave spells and that they can create SD's (Sudden Death runes). Since beams and waves take so much mana, they will most likely not be used too often. So basically the biggest plus in being a sorcerer, instead of a druid, is that sorcerers do not need to buy their SD's (and since they cannot create healing runes, they usually concentrate more on hunting and killing). As the contrary, the biggest plus in being a druid is the ability to create healing runes. The difference between PA sorcerers and PA druids is the same - they just get some different spells.

Druid gets Undead Legion, Heal Friend, Mass Heal, Mass Poison and Paralyze, while sorcerer gets Cancel Invisiblity, Magic Wall and Ultimate Explosion. So, since being able to cast beams and waves and create your own SD's are pretty much a sorcerer's only privileges as a non-PA mage, you should get them to a good use. SD's will surely be useful against the stronger monster, but you may only want to use beams and waves if you are facing several cyclops or alike. Druids can make loads of money by selling the IH and UH runes they have made. Besides the beams and waves, sorcerers can create all the attack runes in Tibia, except Envenom. Druids can create all attack runes, except SD. So you are not supposed to run out of ways to attack with. I personally suggest that you use strategies against monsters.

Trapping and damaging them with fields, sneaking up on them while invisible and killing a horde of creatures at once with beams/area runes. However, using strategies requires some studying, as a strategy that works for one monster may not work for another one. For example, you can use a firebomb to trap a Dwarf Guard, but if you try the same to a Demon Skeleton, it will just run through the fire and knock you down. This is simply because Demon Skeletons are immune to fire. Also, some monsters are even immune to energy (mino mages for example), which means even Energy Wave cannot hurt them (or it does only a little damage).

Magic levels are important, but I personally view normal levels to be even more important. This is because you do not need a very high magic level to use most of the spells and if you keep using your mana on simple spells - such as Light and Light Healing - all the time, you will gain magic levels almost equally with your normal levels. Also, many spells take a lot of mana. Especially summoning, beams, waves and healing spells. If you have a high mana, using summoned monsters is quite useful against stronger creatures, even if you only receive half of the experience points. I still suggest carrying UH runes, though. If not, then at least prepare yourself with several mana fluids, since if you get hit by a strong monster/player, you need a really long time to recover if you do not have healing spells at hand. Levels also increase the amount of damage you do with attack runes, although not as much as magic levels. It is true that a really high magic level will help a lot when attacking with spells because of this, but I do not see this too useful for a low level mage, as you only need to do high damage on harder monsters, which require a high level as well.

Casting Magic and the Creation of Runes

After you have bought some spells, it is time to learn how to use them. First of all, there are two type of spells: Instant and Rune.

Instant spells (Light, Antidote, Invisible, etc.) are executed as soon as you say the magic words. So when you say "Exura" (Light Healing), you will instantly lose 25 mana and gain some health (unless you do not have enough mana or are on full health). When you cast a rune spell, the spell will be stored in a rune that you can then save for later use. Notice that you CANNOT store instant spells into runes unless there are two different versions (instant AND rune) of the same spell. To store a spell into a rune. You first need to make sure that the spell is a "rune" and not "instant" type.

To prepare yourself, you need ENOUGH MANA to cast the spell, a BLANK RUNE to store the spell into and the MAGIC WORDS to cast the spell. You can buy blank runes from magic shops all around Tibia, find the amount of needed mana and magic words from a Magic Book (can be bought from spell shops) or from Tibia's homepage or World of Tibia library. Now, simply place the blank rune to your left or right hand (if you are holding a weapon and a shield, remove either one of them) and say the words. The blank rune in your hand should now turn into a spell rune. To use the rune, right click it(, choose "Use") and left click your target. If you are targeting a monster, you can target via Battle Window, instead of the gaming screen. When using runes, you need to remember that even though the rune is used instantly, you will need to keep a pause of ONE SECOND during each time you use a rune. If you try to use another rune instantly after using the first one, you will receive a message saying that you cannot. Especially when using offensive runes (LMM, HMM, SD, Explosion, GFB, etc.), you should learn to minimize this timing, so that it won't try to use the runes too quickly nor too slowly.

Choosing a Weapon

It is most likely that you will not be killing ALL your enemies with runes, beams and waves only. You will need a weapon to kill the weaker monsters and armour to protect yourself with. Since the melee skills of sorcerers and druids are not that good - and when it comes to fighting the hardest monsters, only spells make difference - many seem to choose club as their weapon: The strongest clubs (Dragon Hammer and War Hammer) are easier to get than the strongest swords and axes, although they are nearly as powerful. Aside from "normal" weapons. There is a weapon-type in Tibia that is clearly meant to be used by none other than mages, namely the Burst Arrow, which does greater damage the greater its shooter's magic level is.

Using Beams/Waves

Sorcerers have the following beam/wave attacks: Firewave, Energy Beam, Great Energy Beam and Energy Wave (+ Force Strike, Flame Strike and Energy Strike for PA players). First two spells, Firewave and Energy Beam, are not worth buying, unless you want to have fun with friends by using them. Great Energy Beam's damage varies too much for it to be very useful either. And finally, Energy Wave. Energy Wave does do quite a lot of damage, especially if you have quite high level/magic level. Meanwhile, Energy Wave takes 250 mana and it cannot be used many times in a row.

This makes the spell quite worthless against most monsters. All PA instant attack spells are worth buying; They take only 20 mana and the damage they do grows with levels and magic levels. If the monster is immune to fire, you can use Energy Strike. If against energy, you can use Flame Strike. If against both, you can use Force Strike. Now, let us have a look at how to hit your opponent with these spells. Against monsters: Monsters, being pretty stupid, just walk towards you. As long as you are on the same line as they are, they won't dodge and you will surely hit. If the monster is in touch with you, it may move out just in time and dodge your attack. I suggest you let the monster move first, and before it stops, use the attack. And now, expecting you are DEFENDING yourself by using beam/wave attacks against another player: If you are fighting against a melee-fighter(meaning that he tries to run TO you, instead of from you, this includes most knights and all monster), you should move back, staying on the same line (- or |) as the enemy. Then wait for him to come to you, and release your beam/wave as/before he moves to strike you.

When fighting against a paladin, you need to keep on the same line as the paladin is. Energy Wave is 3 squares width, this makes it a bit easier to hit even if the paladin is not exactly on the same lines as you are. If you only have Strike spells against a paladin and no one to assist you (slow down the enemy), then I suggest you use your mana on something else.

Defending yourself from mages with beams depends, whether the mage uses runes/burst arrows from long range or fights with melee. A mage shooting from afar is about the same as a paladin. A mage fighting melee is about the same as any knight or monster.

Thanks for your reading,hope this can give you some help to know much more about the tibia game!

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