Tibia knights Training guide For Tibia Player

Published: 09th November 2009
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A Knight is a melee fighter. Therefore, as a Knight you have to improve your melee attack skills and shielding skills. Also, it is necessary to raise your magic level in order to use runes to your advantage. However, it is not required to raise your distance weapon skills, fist fighting skills or fishing skills.

Knights advance slowly in distance and they cannot do a significant damage using a distance weapon. Therefore, having distance skill at 10 (right at where it starts) is more than enough for a Knight. Same is true for Fist fighting which is an obsolete skill. A Knight would not need to fish like a mage and thus should not waste his time on raising rather a useless skill like Fishing.

While you are in Rookgaard, whether you have decided to be a Knight, or undecided about your vocation, it is unnecessary to train your skills. Because, it is a complete waste of your time to train in Rookgaard, due to the fact that you advance in skills very slowly. You can advance at a much faster rate when you are in the mainland. Therefore, save your time and leave Rookgaard as fast as you can.
Also, it is unnecessary to select a weapon class while you are in Rookgaard. Since you can advance at a rapid rate in mainland, by selecting a different weapon class later in mainland wouldn't waste your time. For example, let's say you used a mace in Rookgaard, which is a club type weapon. And when you come to mainland your club skill is 18. Now, you wanted to switch to sword. How long would it take you to get sword skill 18? Just half an hour. But, you can save that half an hour while you are in Rookgaard by using the weapon with the highest attack value (which you can get your hand on). Therefore, my advice is: whatever weapon class you want to use in mainland, don't bother, just get a mace (or a Katana if that's possible) and level up as soon as possible and go to the mainland.

When you are in mainland, you can start your training. However, you don't have to train. It is not a must and you can get away without training most of the time. It is only an added advantage to have good skills in the game. There are various ways to train. Some people prefer to get to a certain skill

level before starting to hunt. Some others train once in a while for short periods of time. Still others, train while they kill. None of these method are better than the others. Choose the method which best fits your playing style and time. Let's see what are these in turn:

1. Getting to a certain skill level before starting to hunt: This method is usually used by older players, who want to get a new char to a certain level quickly without spending their time killing weaker monsters. Since they have spend their time killing weaker monsters many hours and days already, it gets really boring to start a new character and go through the same cycle again. Therefore, most of them prefer to train their new character to a certain level before starting to hunt. Usually new players may avoid this method. Once you have reached a certain skill level, you may hunt for sometime. When you find that it is difficult for you to hunt the next level of monsters, then you may want to go on another training cycle, and so on.
2. Training once in a while: This is the most favourite training method. Once in a while when you feel like training a bit, go to a preferred training spot and train for few hours. Then, continue with hunting, etc. 3. Training as you hunt: Training as you hunt is another favourite method. This method is mostly used by players in non-PvP worlds where you use either balanced or defensive mode to hunt. When you use either balanced or defensive mode, it requires more hits to get a monster killed, and at the same time you will receive more hits from the monster. This will help to increase your skills. Use a good one handed weapon with your best shield.

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