Tibia cavebot guide

Published: 17th September 2009
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If you are looking to get high level fast in tibia without much done by you that cavebot is the vocation for you!And for the knights are the best vocation for cavebotting, they do not require a lot of attention. this
There are many different ways you can cavebot a knight, such as training to decent skills before you start botting or just fresh off rook botting.


8-15~ (4-7k exp/h)

From right off rook to about level 15 Trolls and Goblins in Edron are the best choice since they dont do much damage when your skills arent very high.

15-25~ (5-11k exp/h)

Now after level 15 your skills should be good enough to kill Rotworms sufficiently. The rotworm caves in Darashia are the best for these levels. Some people prefer hunting Larvas but it is all up to you and which you prefer.

25-50~ (13-17k exp/h)

After botting Rotworms to level 25, you now can bot GS Tomb in the Ankrahmun Desert. At level 25 your HP is enough to heal with Exura and no UHs needed. You can hunt here until level 50+ although the exp will start feeling slow.

50-80~ (22-30k exp/h)

Now that you are level 50+ you can handle cycs quite easily. Cycloplis is a good place for EXP straight to level 80. You may need to use some UHs while hunting here but the EXP and loot should pay off.

80-100+~ (35-43k exp/h)

Now at level 80 Dwarf Guards should be relatively easy for you. You can get around 40k exp/h hunting dwarf guards. Your skills should be atleast 80+/80+ to hunt them easily.



Edron Goblins and Trolls: tibianews.net/worldmap.asp?xcor=-2050&ycor=311


Darashia Rotworms: tibianews.net/worldmap.asp?xcor=-2097&ycor=-1556

Ankrahmun Larvas: tibianews.net/worldmap.asp?xcor=-2355&ycor=-2181


Ankrahmun GS Tomb: tibianews.net/worldmap.asp?xcor=-2097&ycor=-1965

There is a dead bush against the mountain, shovel 3sqm to the right of that!


Edron Cycloplis: tibianews.net/worldmap.asp?xcor=-2450&ycor=647

Thank you for your reading ,hope this guide can give you some help in the game and make more tibia money for your charater!

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