Grecho's Knight Guide 1-80 In Tibia

Published: 02nd November 2009
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It's rook damnit, we can't be arsed to move the character every half hour now do we?
How good exp? 1k/h
How good profit? 500gps/h
How much waste?
Awesome, but what are the requirements? Mace or a weapon with equal attack, a shield and some crappy armor
Notes: The first hour or so keep an extra eye when the waypoint enters the bugs place, cant be handled easily in lower levels but at level 5 or so the bot should run entirely by its own
8-12, Venore Swamp Trolls
Why? It's FACC, we don't have much choices but this place is nice..
HOW good exp? 3-5k/h
HOW good profit? Nothing much, you will have money for the fibula key but that is about it
How much waste? Just a few health pots
Awesome, but what are the requirements? Level 8, and the equipment you got from island of destiny
How do i get there? Follow the map
12-20, Fibula Rotworms
Why? Good exp for those low levels
HOW good exp? 5-8k/h
HOW good profit? Not alot but it's good for now
How much waste? Nothing, keep 2-3 health potions in the backpack just to be safe
Awesome, but what are the requirements? Level 12, Plate set and a weapon equal to Serpent Sword and a key that costs 800 gps, you can read more about it and how to get it here:
How do i get there? Follow the map
20-30, Kazordoon Dwarfs
Why? Nice exp, chance of iron ores and which generates big money
HOW good exp? 9-12k/h
HOW good profit? 700gps/h, iron ore if lucky
How much waste? Few health pots as always
Awesome, but what are the requirements? Level 20, Plate set and a bright sword or similar
How do i get there? Follow the map
30-50, Dworcs
Why? Loads of money, this is where you will get lots of your eq
HOW good exp? 18k/h - 22k/h
HOW good profit? You will need to go to depot every 2nd hour to deposit all the gold you made, so alot :P
How much waste? Basicly nothing, bring 1 bp mana, will last you forever
Awesome, but what are the requirements? Level 30 and decent weapon (armor doesnt matter)
How do i get there? Go to Port hope and follow the map
Notes: You will be getting ALOT of money here, get ready to deposit tibia gold and sell loot every 1.5-2.5h..
50-80, Frost Giants
In order to hunt/bot here you need to have done the barbarian test quest. You need to make some of the ice island quests aswell.
Why? Good exp, good profit, people hardly never comes there
HOW good exp? 33k/h on level 50, 48k/h on level 80
HOW good profit? In 2½ hours (time to get full cap) about 10k gold, 0-2 shards and 3-5 halberds.
How much waste? 1-2 bps mana potions for 2½ hours.
Awesome, but what are the requirements? Level 50 and decent skills like 70/70 for the top floors (Hunt on frost giants). Or 75 with good skills 75/75 for the lower floors (Frost giants perfect).
How do i get there? Go to Svargrond, take Buddels boat and ask to g to Tyrsung.

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