Druids & Sorcerers leveling guide In Tibia

Published: 26th October 2009
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Druids & Sorcerers leveling guide is for sorcerers and druids and not premium, select 1 of these two when you go to the oracle.

Start off in rookguard so train on rats untill level 3 and get atleast 300 gold. After that go north past the bridge and North-East to the wolf cave, here train to level 6 if you can.

By now you should have 400 gold stored and if you don't, go and kill sheep, chickens, deer and rabbits for the meat and ham and sell it to the man in the house on the west side of town, chicken feathers are worth 10 gold to other players. You should have copper shield, legion helmet, studded legs, leather boots and either chain armor, scale armor or brass armor if you can, your weapon should be the carlin sword as you can sell it for 115 gold in Carlin. Train a little bit more untill level 8, don't kill minataurs or rotworms unless your with a couple of friends.

Go to the oracle, ask for Carlin and enter main, go to a non-pvp (no player killing) world or you will never get passed level 10.

Train on rotworms and goblins and wild warriors in the Femur hills to the East untill level 13 and buy a wand of dragonbreath for 1000 gp.

After that go south of Femur hills and kill the dwarfs in the caves, there are also tons rotworms there aswell, also kill the dwarf soldiers and minataurs and maybe the dwarf guards (I trained here from level 10 to level 20 in 1 day, it's easy if you are in an empty world or a pvp-enforced world which is where there is loads of player-killing, if such then go to the depots in Ab'Dendriel, safer).

By now you should have most of the spells and rune spells you can and maybe have a back pack of light magic missiles. Also buy a wand of plague but i advise you to also carry your wand of dragonbreath to kill snakes, poisen spiders, spiders, wasps, etc...

Go and kill cyclopses, orc warriors and leaders and party hunt on dragons and giant spiders and just keep killing them untill about level 25 and always have a backpack of heavy magic missiles. Now you should be able to kill most of the monsters in Tibia. Go and kill everything you can now, try and explore your entire map, it is very good to find excellent training places but beware as there are holes behind trees in Thais that you cannot see which will transport you to demons.
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